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Ash to Steele

Ash to Steele - Karen-Anne Stewart I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Ash to Steele has all the elements of great weekend read. Small town girl Emma moves to Boston to follow her dream of being an artist. Add in the worldly alpha male, Breck, along with some loyal and interesting friends, and it’s everything one could ask for an entertaining escapist read. While parts of it were fun and engaging, I never warmed up to Breck who came across as juvenile rather than damaged by his difficult childhood. After the initial attraction, Emma, who is portrayed as very bright and determined, should have seen through some of his posturing and called him on it rather than catering to it. The Emma who is able to defend herself verbally and physically from the quintessential ‘mean girl’ would never let Breck push her around.

On the plus side, the interactions with Emma’s friends Jess and Jason, her preacher father, and her former boyfriend were very well written and completely believable. Emma’s determination to make a place for herself as an artist was also very well depicted including the entry level job that she slogs through to pay the rent and establish her credentials.