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The Keepers

The Keepers - J.L. Block I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

JL Block’s The Keepers is inventive and creative in rendering a world where magic and reality as we know it intersect. Her depiction of hidden cities and magical races is very engaging. Her main female character, Ava, is refreshingly free of dark secrets or feelings of unworthiness. At 18, she is struggling to find her place in life, whether it is part of a magic using secret society or working as clerk while living with her family.

Regrettably, Ava does not develop past two dimensions. I often wondered, where did that come from? The motivation behind her decisions is often minimally expressed or sometimes not all as when she initially decides to join the Keepers. We hear about her getting hurt on missions, but don’t see it and don’t see its impact on the rest of the team, again leaving the reader wondering, why is she sticking with this? The lack of development made it difficult to stick with the story despite the inventive premise.

The plot line as a whole is well thought out with decent, but not overwhelming, foreshadowing that indicates all is not what it seems. And while the stage is definitely set for a sequel, the existing narrative line wraps up sufficiently to make for a complete story.